Lets face it, we're not re-inventing underwear, but we are dedicated to creating the highest quality American Made Clothing we can. When we came up with our concept, it was understood that we would only be creating premium clothing manufactured in the USA. Additionally, by partnering with our manufacturer, we can make adjustments and decisions within hours, not days, weeks, or even months. This approach will allow us to push the boundaries of how premium clothing is made... And possibly re-invented.

  • We've purchased only the finest materials to create our clothing.
  • Our designs and patterns are crafted from some of the most creative minds in the clothing industry.
  • Our stitching is hand sewn by master seamstresses.
  • Each garment is inspected by a quality control specialist.
  • Our guarantee is unmatched.
  • Our products are, and always will be, made in the USA.


We use only the finest Cottons, Flannels, and Microfibers to create our products.

Cotton: Kona is a trademarked 100% cotton broadcloth made by Robert Kaufman, a premier novelty fabric mill. The thread count for Kona cotton is 60 by 60. This high thread count is what allows Kona cotton to balance durability with a soft hand and light weight.

Flannel: Mammoth Flannel is 100% cotton manufactured by Robert Kaufman. The fabric has been praised worldwide for it durability and lasting comfort.

Microfiber Modal: We love Modal for our Hotboxer Briefs. Modal is a soft textile fiber developed by spinning cellulose in beech trees. Modal is somewhat similar to rayon but much better. The fabric is known for its soft and durable characteristics.

We Support Racing

Racing is in our blood, but it also makes good business sense. There is a selfish side to us racing, and a selfless side as well. Selfishly, we support racing because we know how much branding/advertising we can get from even 1 rider. We have seen time and time again how, by being at the race track, companies grow. Selflessly, we support racing because we understand how difficult it is for most riders to fund their dreams of becoming a superstar. In our own small way over the years, we would like to think that some of the biggest names in racing got a little help from us and companies like us. It's a WIN, WIN for everybody! We'd love your support!

Hot From USA

A closing statement from us, and an open invitation to you.

It's doesn't take a lot of effort to look around your neighborhood and see abandoned buildings with signs saying "Gone Out Of Business" or simply "Closed". With almost 98%* of all clothing made for the US being imported, it's easy to understand what's happening. Both small and large factories cannot keep their employees working if there is no work to be done. It may be a little brash, but we think we can begin to change this pattern. We're starting with the basics, your underwear. From there, we believe we can create an iconic clothing brand that will rival some of the largest companies out there. Yes, we are a small company now, but we see a future where Served Hot From the USA will become more and more of a trend. And how do trends start? People like you buy American Made Products and spread the word about them. In this viral age we live in, we think we can spread the word very quickly with your help.

Check out these interesting facts:

  1. U.S. multinational companies shifted millions of jobs overseas in the 2000s. Data from the U.S. Department of Commerce showed that big brand-name companies that employ a fifth of all American workers, cut their work forces in the U.S. by 2.9 million during the 2000s while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million.”
  2. As overseas outsourcing has expanded, U.S. manufacturing has suffered the brunt of the blow. According to a report on outsourcing by Working America, “Manufacturing employment collapsed to a staggering 8 million workers lost over 30 years. That's 265,000 jobs lost annually.
  3. Manufacturing plants have also declined sharply in the last decade, shrinking by more than 51,000 plants, or 12.5 percent, between 1998 and 2008. These stable, middle-class jobs have been the driving force of the U.S. economy for decades and theses losses have done considerable damage to communities nationwide.
  4. Manufacturers in the United States are the most productive in the world, far surpassing the worker productivity of any other major manufacturing economy, leading to higher wages and living standards.**
  5. Taken alone, manufacturing in the United States would be the 10th largest economy in the world.**
  6. Lets all help to make manufacturing in the United States the 9th largest economy in the world!
  7. Let's all start to "Think Inside The Box". In this case "The Box" being the country we live in.



We are so confident in our clothing that we put a 2 year limited warranty on our garments. If your underwear fail because of a defect in our manufacturing, we will replace them and ship the replacements to you at our expense. Simply send us the damaged garment (clean of course) and we will gladly send a new "Box" to you. We're always..."Thinking Inside The Box".

Thank You

* % of clothing imported into the USA




We had over 300 entries in total from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is a collection of all of the Instagram usernames, Twitter names, and Facebook names that entered our contest. Find your name depending on which social network(s) you entered on.

Instructions to claim your prize:

  1. Email win@hotboxers.com with your winning name as it is listed here, and your position on the list.
  2. We will receive your email and notify you when other information is required. YOUR PRIZE WILL NOT BE GIVEN IF YOU DO NOT EMAIL US.
  3. Your position on the list indicates which prize you won.
  4. Prizes are listed at: www.hotboxers.com/contest

To those of you who did not win, we are sorry, and better luck next time! Thank you all for playing, and stay tuned for other contests in the near future!

List of Winners:

  1. moto227corbin
  2. Brad Glover
  3. prosupercross
  4. Nolan Hubbard
  5. Tristen Wastell
  6. Evan Calder
  7. Cécile Allain-Keatley
  8. Nolan Kennedy
  9. tmhill22
  10. Barry Bonner
  11. arianna_sophia
  12. tdubmx37
  13. Kayde Coleman
  14. Razu Ahmed
  15. bittyboutique
  16. gustavomx930
  17. Riley Wright ‏ @MxKawiGurl47
  18. Kalee Kotsinadelis
  19. Eddie Lewis
  20. killingalltires
  21. Danny Inga
  22. Travis Robert Nunez
  23. Adam Ford
  24. Travis Hoffman
  25. Brad Hoskins
  26. MxSxLover ‏ @Motomom512
  27. David Graham Knopf
  28. Jenny Bussan
  29. Mike Corbin
  30. dalonzo617
  31. Carlie Vest
  32. Jeremy Hinners ‏ @Hinners624
  33. Tim Fonder
  34. Brian Schwartz
  35. britz317
  36. Will Davidson
  37. Kimberly Swenson
  38. nolimits423
  39. Luc Nieuwenhuis
  40. fuller977
  41. Jordan Nuckolls
  42. Joshua Celestino
  43. Bobby Crandell
  44. Beatriz Roum
  45. Greg Flanagan
  46. Carlie Vest ‏ @alexsgirl94
  47. Troy Bellinghausen
  48. Kelli Hawley
  49. wrapmeskinny2u
  50. Becky Tellier ‏ @BeckyTellier

Other entrants (Non-winners):
Kaitlyn Papa
Jesse Rogers
Jason Fields
Avalos Jose
Braden Oneal
Broc Bussan
Arianna Sophia ‏ @AriannaBSophia
Danielle Allen
Ryan Koenekamp
Jake Chase
Andy Gabellieri
Hailey Rose Jenkins
Cody Andreas
Erica ‏ @ummericaa
Jen Boyd Anselmo White
Harrison Reilly
Braiden Madsen
mxmom227 ‏ @motomom227
Crawford Justin
Austin McWaters
Ismael Trevino Guerrero
Bryan Thomas McMahan
Greg Cruz
Danny Blanchette
Keaton Di Mauro
Sophie Reilly
Kent Bartels
Dustyn Smock
Calvin Andlovec
Marie Auger ‏ @marieauger_
Billy Fonnegra
Denise Putnam Avelar
Connor Hotwagner ‏ @CHotwagner
Nick Byers
David Brent
Jane Lindkvist Hansen
Griffin O'Neil
Kyle Schmidt
Leila Parks
Sheri Shafer Clement
Alex Bonelli
BRITZ317 ‏ @britz317
Teresa Cox Alves
Kylie Scott
Paul Styers
Austin Murray ‏ @MxMurray5
Bobby Crawford
Loly E Coontz
Michael Payne
Jake Trexler
Christian Gonzalez
Logan Pexa
Henry Southway
Curtis James
Andrew Moreno
Leila Parks ‏ @leila_parks
Spencer Parks
Aaron Argueta
Julie Hillman-Drinnon
Aaron Wolff
Tori Hill
Jane Barnett-Knight
Troy Havelin
Jeffrey Shen
Kc-Rae Taylor
Byron Downen
Andrew Wathen
Justin Morales
Niels Smidth
Brenda Hannah
Michael Nielsen ‏ @Michael_N_33
Ricky Vera
Ally Hall
Gustavo #⃣9⃣3⃣0⃣ ‏ @gustavo930
Jeffrey Webster
Kalee Kotsinadelis ‏ @KaKotsinadelis
Preeem ‏ @PrimaParks
Joey Samuelson
Skyler Corbin
Cade Hahn Haus
Annette Lopez
Jeremy Hinners
Jay Bellanceau ‏ @JayBellanceau
Greg Owen
Chris Dodson
Tori Hill ‏ @tmhill22
Lexi Kotsinadelis ‏ @LKotsinadelis7
Dalton Murray
Kc Macleod
Allison Riccardi
Tony Spinelli
Chanel Yamaguchi ‏ @chanelami
Neeraj Sarnaik
Lalo Ojeda

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